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Eurovision 2012 Video Player – retrospective

In April 2012 we wanted to publish some simple yet effective Youtube player app. That app would stream and play any Youtube videos by their given ID codes, and that’s it. So the smart part was coded a long time ago, and honestly speaking, much of it is open-sourced code available pretty everywhere online.

But we wanted to check if Android users actually need an app which would consist a playlist of Youtube videos, hard-coded so users can’t add new videos, nor remove them, not even sort them. And Eurovision is a big event in Europe, for those of you who didn’t know that. Simple search on Google Play gave no opponents to such an app which would have all contestants of Eurosong 2012 listed with their songs. So that’s why we made Eurovision 2012 Video Player. Believe it, it was a really simple job, and such app makes you headache only because you have to do much of extremely boring copy/paste work. And some GIMP thumbnails proccessing. But that’s it.

So the link to download is here:

See, it was published on April 11th, and Eurovision was scheduled between 20th and 26th of May. So some 40 days before the final competition days. Funny enough, people seem to prefer this simple apps over smart stuff. Good for us developers. This app got more than 5000 downloads in the first month, and currently holds 10000 – 50000 downloads. Roughly, level of active downloads was about 65% before Eurovision finals, but nowdays it constantly goes down in numbers, and is around 40%, if not less.

However, conclusion was simple. Make some simple app, that could be cloned fast, and that users simply need because they are lazy. In this case, factor was congregation of all videos at one place, within the app. Smart apps with lots of work behind them simply don’t have to be successful at all.

And Eurovision 2012 Video Player is definitely going into hybernation, until it mutates into Eurovision 2013 Video Player, but starting at this high number of downloads. So lets see how it’s going to be then.


Flickr my Wallpaper

Flickr my Wallpaper

This is the second Live Wallpaper published by QUO?TE developers.

Flickr my Wallpaper, pimps your Android wallpapers with Flickr photos.

Set your Flickr tag and tagged photos will populate your wallpaper desktop, hourly or randomly, depends on how you set it. If you don’t set up tag, daily most interesting Flickr voted photos will be downloaded, one by one.

Remember that this is only the first version, so have mercy in rating, and no mercy in suggesting improvements 🙂

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Words of Love Live Wallpaper

Actually, our first baby app on Android market. Of course, free.

Not really so serious attempt to take over the market, but more interesting (and definitely more useful) apps are to come soon.

If this app deserves attention and comments, throw us some lines. At least, whatever you suggest that is about improving the app, we will probably implement sooner or later.