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Flickr my Wallpaper

Flickr my Wallpaper

This is the second Live Wallpaper published by QUO?TE developers.

Flickr my Wallpaper, pimps your Android wallpapers with Flickr photos.

Set your Flickr tag and tagged photos will populate your wallpaper desktop, hourly or randomly, depends on how you set it. If you don’t set up tag, daily most interesting Flickr voted photos will be downloaded, one by one.

Remember that this is only the first version, so have mercy in rating, and no mercy in suggesting improvements 🙂

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Words of Love Live Wallpaper

Actually, our first baby app on Android market. Of course, free.

Not really so serious attempt to take over the market, but more interesting (and definitely more useful) apps are to come soon.

If this app deserves attention and comments, throw us some lines. At least, whatever you suggest that is about improving the app, we will probably implement sooner or later.